Own Solar Power Plant at
₹0 - Zero Investment
Save upto 70% Electricity Bill!
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Technically Speaking
Current Advances in net-metering policies made it possible for users to send excess electricity generated through Solar Electric System to grid without storing it in battery. Your electricity bill is calculate based on the electricity your ‘Solar Power Plant Generate’ minus ‘Electricity you consume’, thus making it possible to reduce your electricity bill to zero. And that’s a huge money saving.


We find the world’s best suppliers, then help them meet the highest standards in the industry. Ours.

At Swid, we’re out to change the way the world gets power. And nobody ever changed the world by settling for good enough. That’s why, when it comes to equipment, we don’t just meet industry standards—we power past them. Our obsession with using equipment that outshines and outlasts the rest takes incredibly hard work from our team and the manufacturers we hand-select. The off-the-shelf products others use just don’t cut it with us.

Solar Modules

Solar Modules which are designed to survive the worst storms in centuries.
Sure there are industry standards, but we see those as a mere starting point. We want our panels to be ready for temperatures more extreme than the most extreme places on Earth. For snowfall that crushes records (and lesser panels). For humidity that would make jungles cry. And winds so bad they’re only likely to occur every 700 years.
Solar Module Suppliers


Not Just the best Inverter's on the planet, but the right one’s for your need.
Our inverters are built as tough as our panels. Each supplier has to meet Swid standards that are four times the industry requirements so they can power through the worst that mother nature and the electrical grid throw their way—including extreme electrical current loads and fluctuations.
Inverter Suppliers

Balance of System

Cabling, Junction Boxes, Surge Protections, Earthing Protection - At it's best.
For us each and every watt matter, thus we take utmost care while designing the cabling for the most efficient transmission, We also ensure the system has best protection systems maximum uptime in it's lifetime, with minimal breakdown generation loss! 
BOS Suppliers


Structure, Powerful enough to bear the ultimate force of nature.
With in-house design and state-of-the-art fabrication, our structures are muscled through and through to sustain windspeed of more than 150 kmph that too lasting for more than 30 years guaranteed.

Financial Options

Cash Purchase
Loan Purchase
₹0 - Zero Investment
Pay us for turnkey installation, get much of it back in the first year through depreciation tax benefits or subsidiary. Benefits generated by offsetting your electric bill and receiving incentives.
No money down, often a reduced monthly bill and own it outright after loan term. Get the same depreciation tax benefits or subsidiary benefits as cash purchase without the up-front cost.
Turnkey installation with no money down and immediate savings. We will own and maintain the Solar PV system, And you’ll get the electricity at rate less than your current electric cost.
System Owner
System Owner
System Owner
No monthly Payment to Swid
Monthly Payment equal or less than Electricity bill to financer
Monthly Payment to Swid as per unit cost
Maintenance Option Available
Maintenance Option Available
Maintenance is with Swid.
Upfront Cost, Avail Tax Benefits and Government Subsidy / Incentives
Little to no up-front cost, Avail tax benefits and Government Subsidy / Incentives.
No upfront cost, Save upto 70% on electricity bills.
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